About Me

You & Me

I believe that when you feel like a person, place, or service is right for you, you just know it. I work with some of the top Israeli museums, educational institutions, government organizations, and hundreds of private clients for events, bar mitzvahs, and weddings. If you like what you have seen on the site, are looking for a photographer in Israel, think my work could benefits yours, or just would like to see a picture like these hanging up in your living room, that’s a sign that we could be right for each other!  Contact me.

Camera Style

There may be some truth to the adage that photographers enjoy hiding behind the lens, but the end result is that your event will be covered by a fine-art photographer addicted to details. With experience working for business, bar mitzvahs, and brides, my skill set is varied, adaptable, and prepared for whatever kind of event you can cook up!

The Final Product

The final product is extension of your needs and wants. You can opt for an album, a disc, a short video clip, raw video material, or prints—all of these are possible, and any of them are great! Talk to me about your preferences, and we will figure out the right package for you.