Engagement Photos in Israel

Getting engaged is the start of a lot of time behind the camera — the wedding, family events, and more happy occasions to come! Even for the camera shy, an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer is well worth the time. Weddings are usually dictated by family and tradition, but for this special session it’s just you, your future partner, and a style and local that represent you as a couple. Israel has no short of scenic backdrops from white sandy beaches to history-infused holy cities. Need help scouting a location? I can help! Book the engagement session as part of your wedding package for up to a 30%-40% discount.

What can you do with your engagement photos? Like most of us, the first stop is social media – share the good news with a professional photo gallery; use the photos for your wedding shower; or even as part of the invitation (especially if you are going paper-less). Engagement photos are the perfect excuse to get dressed up, show off the newly-acquired ring, and take that new bounce in your step for a stroll down one of Israel’s beautiful locations.

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Top 6 Reasons to Do an Engagement Photo Session in Israel

There is no better time to show off your newly-acquired ring, flash a matching pair of goofy grins, and cash in on the extra bounce in your step. Shout it from the mountaintops, “I am getting married!” Let the world know with a beautiful of set of pictures that say the 1,000 words you are too giddy to write out!

Here are the top six reasons to spring for a professional blow dry, put on a clean shirt, and commit to an engagement photo session.

  1. This is a great opportunity to take your hair and make-up prospects for a test drive. Do a trial run with your cosmetic candidates, see how their work looks through a camera lens, and share some of that inner sparkle with your outsides!


2. Ms. Manners says you are not officially engaged until you have a ring and a date! Show us the ring, and tell us the date. Send a save-the-date card, make an e-vite, or put up a set of beautiful engagement photos on your wedding website!

Engagment_soots _israel-6

 3. Using Barak Aharon photography for your wedding? Enjoy 30-40% off your engagement photo session. Contact me for more informationhere.


4. Israel is the perfect background for portraits! No need to travel far for the perfect engagement photo session in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. You picked the groom—now pick a spot!

 5. This is probably one of the last chances to get professional photographs of just you two! From now on, it will be you and your family, you and your in-laws, and maybe one day you and your kids. When is the next time you will get shot like this, looking this good?


6. Green light to coupledom! Print it, frame it, share it, make it your profile pic, and get used to the cozier view of two!

Engagment_soots _israel-59

Thanks to Danielle & Eitam! See the full album of their wedding here!