Frequently Asked Questions


When can I expect to receive a final product?

  • Online gallery, 7¬†business days*
  • Flash drive and personalized box , shipped within 28-35¬†business days
  • Printed albums, 21 business days after your approve the final design
  • Short clip, available¬†within¬†28 business days¬†after song selection
  • Raw video material, 28-35¬†business days
  • Edited wedding movie , 45 business days

Do you ship outside of Israel?

Of course! You can have your flash drive and video sent to anywhere you like, free of charge. Shipping costs for albums will vary.

Can we meet before the event?

I always insist on meeting the couple before the wedding. If a face-to-face meeting is not possible, let’s set up a Skype date.  Contact me for more details.

Which kind of albums can I choose from?

I print high-quality albums on photo paper with the option to add UV coating. UV coating protects the pages from smudges and spills. You will be able to choose from a variety of cover options.

How do I choose photos for my album?

The exact instructions will depend on what design format and album you select. I will provide clear, written instructions on how to choose the photos that you want to appear in your album.

Do I need a second photographer for the wedding?

For weddings with more than 150-200 guests, a second photographer is essential in order to properly document the event.

Can I mix and match products?

Of course!  Talk to me about how you envision using the end product, and we will find the right package for you.

Do I choose the music for the video?

You need to choose the music, but if you do not have a preference you can leave it to me.

What are the video options for my wedding/event?

  • Short clip taken with my HDSLR camera ¬†(not a real video replacement but perfect for people in the market for a short clip)
  • Unedited organized video on a flash drive( thumb drive) + Highlights clip (3-4min)
  • Basic editing +¬†Highlights clip (3-4min)

*Taken by a videographer

What are the options for my wedding/events stills photography?

Almost anything you like! You can choose to take just the photos on the flash drive or album.

For albums, I charge only the cost of making the album (design, printing, and handling) because I believe this is the best way to wrap your precious memories.

The flash drive will contain full size, high-quality, print-ready photos.

How do I receive my wedding photos?

  1. Online gallery: you will have an online gallery on with selected photos within 2-6 days of the event
  2. Flash drive: Each couple will receive a beautiful flash drive with all of the pictures from the big day packaged in a custom-designed box shipped within 28 business days

flashdrive 3.  Album/s (optional): after receiving the pictures in the flash drive, you will receive instructions on how to select photos for the album or albums you have chosen. After you approve the album design, it takes approximately 3 weeks to print and ship the album back to you.

Who should come with me to the pre-ceremony photo session?

In Israel, bridesmaids and groomsmen are a rare sight, but it is always fun to bring a few key friends or family members along. At minimum: make sure you have one friend to drive the car and another friend to deal with the rest.

Where I should have my make-up and hair done?

I always recommend not to have your hair and make-up done in a salon. From experience,  it is much more relaxing to have vendors come to you in a hotel or private apartment.
And remember ‚Äď always make sure that the distance between the make-up location and the venue is 30-40 minutes max , taking into consideration potential traffic delays.

Can you recommend a make-up artist and hair?

Yes, I can! I have my favorites.

How do we choose where to have our pre-ceremony picture taken?

I almost never take picture at well known “wedding spots” and to stop on the way from the hair and make-up location to the venue. Of course, if you a preference or a particular place in mind, we will work it in as long as it feasible schedule-wise.

When should the groom arrive?

This question depends on whether it is summer or winter and how much light will remain for at the given point in the day. Generally speaking, I prefer grooms to arrive around 4 PM during the summer and around 3 PM during the winter.

When do we start photographing on the wedding?

Normally, I join the bride in the final stages of their preparation at around 2PM when she is finishing hair and make-up. This way, I am able to capture the ‚Äúbefore‚ÄĚ elements, the meeting of the bride and groom, and the road to our next stop where will take pre-ceremony portraits.