Wedding Packages, Pricing, and Albums

The first question I get from potential clients is usually about price, and the answer is: my price is fixed but dependent on a few details. In order to give you an accurate price quote and build a wedding photography package that is right for you, I will need to know more about your big day.

How many guest are you having? If the wedding is over 200ย guests (and in some cases over 100), I will need to bring another photographer to ensure that we have sufficient coverage of all the important moments.

Where will you be getting ready (makeup, hair, dress) and hold the ceremony?ย I recommend doing hair, makeup, and any other pre-wedding activities no more than 30-40 minutes from the wedding location. In my experience, a private house (belonging to you, someone you know, or rented) is the most ideal and stress-free option. ย Israel is a small country,ย but Tiberias is not Tel Aviv, if you get my drift.

What hours will you require my services? With most couples, I arrive in the early afternoon to document the wedding starting from the time the couple are busy with pre-ceremony grooming. Some couples, however, prefer to skip this stage and start the photo session at on-location portraits.

Will you want a videographer? I offer several different videography options, depending on your needs and budget.

A favorite with my couples is to get a short, edited clip (about the length of a song of your choosing) that includes the highlights from the day. I have quite a bit of experience creating these kinds of clips with a combination of my own HD video footage and the videographer’s footage โ€“ and to be honest, this is the kind of thing that you will watch more often than full-length coverage of the whole event. Plus, this type of short clip is perfect for sharing on social media, your wedding website, or with family and friends who couldnโ€™t make the event. If you want to see examples of this type of video clip this, please click here. In addition to the short clip, this package includes the unedited video material from theย videographer starting from the receptions onward.

Alternatively, couples can opt for a highlights clip plus aย basic editing of the videographer’s material into a fluidย documentation of the day’s events from the reception onward.

How many albums do you need? On average, you will get around 1,400-1,700ย per couple (and in some cases many more), depending on the length of the event. You will have a huge inventory of photos to choose from, and up to 14 days after the wedding you will already be able to see a selection online, like you can find in these galleries. ย Once you have selected around 200 photos to go into the album (with guidance from me about the things you will not want to miss), you will have to decide on the number of albums you want. Most couples opt for one large album for themselves and two smaller albums for each set of parents; however, family configurations and budgets vary just as much as the weddings themselves, so the final number of albums is entirely up to you.

Is there a discount? I would love to be your photographer, but there isn’t much wiggle room here because I love all my couples equally and want to offer a fair, consistent price during ever calendar year.ย However, if you would like to book an engagement photography session with your wedding package, I am happy to offer you a 30-40% discount on the price of that session.