Destination Weddings In Israel

Destination weddings are steadily gaining popularity as couples seek out unique ways to celebrate their big day – and destination weddings in Israel offer the weather, variety, and style that brides and grooms from just about anywhere are sure to enjoy.

People come to get married in Israel from all over the world, and I have documented Jewish weddings, Christian weddings, and interfaith and commitment ceremonies all over the country.

What is the appeal of a destination wedding in Israel? In my experience, there are a few recurring themes.


Weather is almost never a consideration! While Israel certainly has ups and downs in other aspects of its being, weddings can take place here year-round without too much worrying about hitting extreme weather conditions of any kind.


While Israelis tend to take their surroundings for granted, visitors are appreciative of the amazing history, great views, and relatively quick and easy access to a variety of environments and venues. Israel is a small country, and the beaches of Tel Aviv are less than an hour from Jerusalem; desert views can be found just a little over an hour south of Tel Aviv; and if you are in it for the “long-haul,” a two-hour plus drive from Tel Aviv can get you all the way to Israel’s northern border which is replete with wineries, romantic cabins, and a wealth of beautiful locations including Rosh Pina, the Sea of Galilee, and the Golan Heights.


Planning a destination wedding in Israel is a great way to create a special memory, unite family, and connect to roots. However, a few words of caution to the uninitiated in Israel’s religious bureaucracy: for Jewish couples planning to get married in Israel (and wishing to do so through the Israeli rabbinate), I invite you to take a look at this guide on the subject.