Bar & Bat Mitzvah Video

Many of the families I work with for bar and bat mitzvahs have come to Israel just to celebrate this event, and so there are most always family and friends at home waiting to get a peek at the celebration. If you are looking for a great way to share the best moments of the big day, a highlights clip is the perfect way to include the loved ones who couldn't make it, look back at the day in a fun and concise way, as well as just the right amount of footage to show people on Facebook. I shot the footage you see in these highlights clips with my camera - I can pull of both stills and a short highlights clip, and it is truly gratifying to see the reception that these highlights clips receive with families.

Israel is Open to Tourists Again!

After a challenging year with lots of false starts, Israel is now opening its gates to vaccinated tourists (or those who recovered from COVID).

For more information, visit this link.

Hope to see you soon!